Roland Dickey Jr

Roland Dickey, Jr. is CEO of Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants, Inc. He is the Grandson of Travis Dickey, Sr., the founder of the company. Since he became President and CEO, Roland Dickey Jr. has steered the expansion of the company from twenty restaurants to over five-hundred, nationwide. The company is now expanding further into foreign restaurant markets under his leadership. Dickey’s is headquartered in Dallas, and is a third-generation family company that has increased in net worth through judicious growth and franchising of the company’s legendary, slow-smoked barbecue meals. Roland Dickey, Jr. has focused upon evolving his family business from being a Texas barbecue joint to becoming known as an international brand phenomenon.

“A company is either growing or shrinking. We’re blazing new trails. No one has ever done what we’re doing. We are bringing barbecue across the country.” Through its franchise program, Dickey’s has grown very rapidly, and now bears the distinction as the World’s…